Eligibility and Required Documentation


Applicants must meet the income qualifications and reside within the Modesto City Limits to qualify for eligibility.

  • Low-income youth
  • Disabled adults
  • Seniors

Required Documentation

Proof of age

  • Original Government and/or Hospital issued birth certificates only.
  • Proof of legal guardianship needed if guardian is not listed on birth certificate. 

Proof of Residence 

  • Utility bill dated within the last thirty (30) days
  • California Drivers License or Identification Card

Proof of Income

  • If receiving TANF or EBT Letter from caseworker or Notice of action dated within the last thirty (30) days showing all income from the last three (3) months.
  • Previous year's Income Taxes, (adjusted gross income only) showing all applicants. Please refer to the Internal Revenue Service website to request your previous year tax transcripts.
  • Form 4506-T is required if previous year's taxes were not filed. 
  • Please refer to the Housing and Urban Development Low Income limits.

Certification of Disability, if applicable

  • Copy of SSI/SSDI check.
  • Letter from Social Security verifying income.
  • Letter from Doctor stating the nature of disability and how it affects daily living.
  • Verification from case manager at Valley Mountain Regional Center or Stanislaus County Mental Health.
  • Proof of acceptance into Disability Student Program Services through Modesto Junior College.