Metered Water Rates

Your City of Modesto water bill for metered service includes a base charge for maintenance and improvements of our water system. Charges for metered rate water service consist of a base charge and a water consumption charge determined by water usage.  

Metered Water Rates (As of October 1, 2021)

Meter SizeMonthly Rate
5/8 through 3/4 Inch Meter$25.44
1 Inch Meter$36.83
1 1/2 Inch Meter$65.32
2 Inch Meter$99.50
3 Inch Meter$207.73
4 Inch Meter$367.24
6 Inch Meter$748.90
8 Inch Meter$1,375.53
10 Inch Meter$2,173.05
12 Inch Meter$2,856.63

Rate Per Hundred Cubic Feet (CCF)

Rate TypeRate

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