Get to know Thomas Reeves

Thomas Reeves

5 Questions for Thomas Reeves, Modesto’s Community & Media Relations Officer:

What is the biggest goal you aim to accomplish as the Community & Media Relations Officer?

As the liaison between the media and city hall, my goal is to ensure the public is informed about what’s going on in their city, and that city hall is aware of constituent concerns.  My goal is to facilitate as many lines of communication as possible, both internally among employees and external among the residents and stakeholders.  

What is one thing the average citizen of Modesto might not know about the role of Community & Media Relations Officer?

The role of the Community & Media Relations Officer – often called the Public Information Officer (or PIO) – oversees communication at the Joint Information Center (or JIC) within the Incident Command System (or ICS) in an emergency situation.  

If you could spend a day in someone else’s shoes, whose would they be?  Why?

I wouldn’t mind spending a day in Bill Gate’s shoes.  To have that much business power, and social influence, and money would be quite a fascinating experience.

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives? Why?

Travel outside the United States.  We get so comfortable living in America, and yet there is such an enormous globe to explore; everyone should experience the culture and food found in other countries.  Having experienced this in such places as Romania, Morocco, Spain, England, and Mexico, I have a more robust appreciation for life, family, and friends.  

What motivates you most to get out of bed each morning?

My greatest job in life is to provide for my amazing wife and three beautiful children.  I’ve been blessed with the greatest gift of all, being a father and husband, and I get out of bed each morning to ensure my family is loved and cared for.