Commercial Cannabis Regulations

Cannabis Business Tax 

Resolution 2018-537 (PDF) approved by City Council on December 4, 2018, set the Cannabis Business Tax Rates ranging from two and a half to eight percent, depending on the business type. Search for Resolution 2018-537 within the archive document.

Annual Commercial Cannabis Permit Fee

Resolution 2021-441 (PDF) approved by City Council on November 9, 2021, adopted the Annual Commercial Cannabis Permit Fee to $18,732. Search for Resolution 2021-441 within the archive document. 

The Downtown Cannabis Prohibition Overlay

Prohibited Commercial Cannabis Area Map (JPG)

The description of the area shown in the map is as follows:  The Downtown Cannabis Prohibition Overlay shall include all properties shown within the border on the map above, including all properties that front either side of the following streets: Needham Street; Kansas Avenue, from Highway 99 to 9th Street; Downey Avenue, from McHenry Avenue to Burney Street; Burney Street, from Downey Avenue to Jennie Street; and D Street, from Jennie Street to Highway 99.  Additionally, if any parcel is partially within the Downtown Cannabis Prohibition Overlay, all commercial cannabis uses shall be prohibited on the entire parcel.