Comprehensive Fees Task Force


In 2010, the City of Modesto approved the formation of a Comprehensive Fees Task Force (Task Force) for the purpose of reviewing and aligning all development-related fees with the goals and policies of the City’s General and Strategic Plans.   The Task Force afforded a multidisciplinary range of participants an opportunity to review and understand the global development-related fee picture in Modesto; review and understand the purpose of each development-related fee, the methodology employed to develop the fee and the nexus of the fee to the service or commodity provided; compare and understand Modesto’s development-related fees in context with the regional marketplace and create a framework to evaluate new fee increases in a coordinated fashion.  

In June 2016, the Modesto City Council authorized staff to reconvene the Task Force with eleven voting members.

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Regular Scheduled Meetings

Meetings will be held at:
StanCOG Conference Room
1111 I Street Suite 308
Modesto, CA 95354


Members Organization
Bill Zoslocki Healthy Economy Committee
Kristi Ah You Effective Government Committee
Jennifer Carlson Shipman Manufacturer's Council
John Beckham Building Industry Association
Thomas Reeves Chamber of Commerce
Steve Madison Affordable Housing Representative
Joe Duran Citizen at Large
David Wright Citizen at Large
David White Citizen at Large
Sandra Lucas Citizen at Large
Duke Leffler Commercial Broker