HR - Total Payroll

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Performance Measure

Total Payroll.


Increase over prior pay period less than 5%.

Analysis of Performance*

This measure shows the ability of the City to maintain a qualified workforce within the budgetary limits.

Metric Definition*

Total payroll is the cost of providing the manpower for those services the City provides the public.  


Total payroll includes the cost of benefits, retirement funding and base pay.  

Impact on Performance*

The City strives to retain a competent workforce through competitive salary and benefits.


  • Analysis of Performance: Explains how data results are  displayed, anomalies, or other points that went into generating the numbers.
  • Metric Definition: Identifies what constitutes the metric and identifies combined classifications
  • Importance: Tells why the metric is important and how it is useful, or, what will it help the City accomplish or understand by knowing
  • Impact on Performance: States how this measure is an indicator of or influencer on the delivery of service?