Equal Opportunity / Disability Commission

Regular Meetings
  • 5 p.m.
  • The 3rd Monday of every month
  • Tenth Street Place
    Human Resources Department


Name Organization Term Expires
Philip S. Anselmo Jr.   January 1, 2018
Rosie Arce   September 1, 2017
Richard Gaytan   January 1, 2018
Liduvina Gonzalez   August 11, 2017
Sandra Graham   August 11, 2017
Jon Rodriguez   January 1, 2019
Brenda Thames   January 1, 2017
Amin Vohra   August 11, 2017
3 Vacancies    


The Equal Opportunity / Disability Commission's primary responsibility is to advise and assist the City Manager and staff in matters that relate to equal opportunity and individuals with disabilities. This commission includes representation by members of the protected classes: females, minorities, the disabled and workers over 40.

Human Relations Commission

The Human Relations Commission's primary responsibility is to make recommendations for furthering human relations in the community. This commission provides information and referrals concerning fair housing. The commission meets jointly with the Equal Opportunity/Disability Commission.

Membership Requirements

Members must be residents of Stanislaus County.

Equal Opportunity / Disability Commission - Human Relations Commission

  • Joint Committee Assignments Commission Chairperson: Jon Rodriguez
  • Commission Vice-Chair: Philip Anselmo
The three current Standing Committees that are temporarily disbanded and replaced by Ad Hoc Committees:
  • Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee
  • Education and Training Committee
  • Planning Committee

Replacement Ad-Hoc Committee Assignments

  • Community Outreach Committee
    Richard Gaytan, Member
  • Fair Housing Committee
    Richard Gaytan, Member
  • EEO Report & Policy / Procedures Committee
    Richard Gaytan, Member     Jon Rodriguez,  Member                                   Brenda Thames, Member     Liduvina Gonzalez, Member
  • Disability Awareness Committee
    Philip Anselmo, Member     Sandra Graham, Member