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Thank you for your interest in Crime Live! Each of our episodes contains information important to our community to increase safety, combat crime, or raise awareness of our department. Some past topics include car thefts, identity theft, gangs, drugs, and much more. Modesto Police Department

Take a minute to look at our show schedule and catch our current episode. Im sure you will find it very informative with information on how you can get involved in our community. Also, be sure to check out our library to view past episodes.

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Sergeant Rick Armendariz

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4/10/2008 Beat Health Demolitions
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2/23/2008 Breaking News: Century Center Shooting
2/19/2008 Equestrian Unit
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1/30/2008 Property Crimes
1/25/2008 Important Information About The New Trash Ordinance
1/22/2008 CrimeStoppers
1/18/2008 Burglaries and Lottery Thefts
1/17/2008 DUI Checkpoints: What You Need To Know
12/21/2007 GREAT Program
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12/13/2007 Suspect Arrested After Assaulting Officers
12/4/2007 Whitmore Shooting
11/13/2007 Marijuana Robbery
11/13/2007 Case Dismissed
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