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Golf Courses Advisory Committee

The Golf Courses Advisory Committee acts as an advisory body and liaison for and between the general golfing community, golf clubs and the City of Modesto, to promote the game of golf in the Modesto area.

Meeting Time: 8:00 AM
Meeting Date: Quarterly, the third Wednesday of the month: February, May, August, November
Meeting Location: Modesto Centre Plaza, 1000 L Street
Staff Contact: Mary Otten, Deputy Director, PR&N
Staff Email:
Staff Phone: (209) 577-5351
Total Members: 11 members

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Membership Composition:

6 members chosen at-large from the Modesto area
Member Name Term Expires
Bob Arivett 1/1/2013
Joseph Cataline 1/1/2014
George Maudlin 1/1/2013
Joshua Vander Veen 1/1/2015
Nancy Norton 1/1/2015
Richard Provost 1/1/2014
5 members representing organized golf clubs at the municipal golf courses
Member Name Term Expires
Richard Laurenz 1/1/2015
Ryne Conder 1/1/2012
Jackie Wilson 1/1/2015
Linda Kenyon 1/1/2012
Harold Aycock 1/1/2015