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Parks and Recreation Department

  1. City of Modesto Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department Volunteer Application

    Please complete the following information, you will be contact shortly.

  2. Mary Grogan Soccer Complex Rental Request Form

    Mary Grogan Soccer Complex facility request form.

  3. Modesto Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB)

    Application and Questionnaire for prospective members of the Board of Directors for the Modesto's Convention and Visitors Bureau.

  4. Poet's Corner Contest

    Online Application for the Annual Poet's Corner Contest.

  1. Financial Assistance "Leisure Bucks" Request

    Recreation Financial Assistance, known as "Leisure Bucks", program for the City of Modesto's Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods... More…

  2. Mary Grogan Soccer Complex Volunteer Form

    We are looking for volunteers to assist with local soccer tournaments at the Mary Grogan Soccer Complex in Modesto. Tournaments... More…

  3. Poet Laureate Application and Nomination Form

    Application and Nomination form for City's Non-Salaried Position of Poet Laureate.

  4. Teaching Seniors Technology Volunteer Form

    We are looking for volunteers to assist seniors with their technology devices. This program takes placed Wednesdays 2:30PM-4:00PM at... More…