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Community & Economic Development Department

  1. Business Advisory Services

    Welcome to Business Advisory Services! We're here to help you start, locate, keep or expand your business in Modesto. Let us know... More…

  2. City Sponsored Business Incentive Inquiry
  3. Customer Survey

    This survey is an opportunity for you to provide feedback regarding the services you received in the Community and Economic Development... More…

  4. Downtown Incentive Program Occupancy Incentive Application

    New businesses or businesses relocating into downtown from another area, either office or retail, are eligible for cash incentive based... More…

  5. Economic Development Client Survey

    Follow up survey to assess client experience accessing Business Assistance Services.

  6. HMIS Program and Grant Setup

    This form is required to for each program grant to be set-up in the HMIS system.

  7. Outdoor Dining Permit Application
  8. Request for information - Housing Programs

    This form is to be filled out for general additional information requests

  1. Citizen's Transportation Sales Tax Commission Application

    Complete this application to participate in Citizen's Transportation Sales Tax Commission

  2. Comprehensive Fees Task Force Committee Application

    Complete this application to participate in the Comprehensive Fees Task Force

  3. Downtown Incentive Program Facade Incentive Application

    Incentive of matching grant up to $10,000 for Facade Improvements. No fees for minor encroachment permits for repair and or... More…

  4. Downtown Master Plan Comment

    This form is provided to encourage and capture comments on the Downtown Master Plan in development.

  5. HMIS Inventory Update

    This form is required any time there is a increase or decrease in bed/unit inventory

  6. Land Development Engineer Standard Application

    Application for Encroachment Permits, Plan Checking, Submittals and New Water and Sewer Connections.

  7. Public Comments for HUD documents

    This will allow the public to submit comments electronically.

  8. Will Serve Letter Request Form