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Share Your Homemade Neighborhood Maps

  1. Share Your Homemade Neighborhood Maps

    As many of us remain indoors due to shelter-in-place orders, we invite you to draw a map of your neighborhood in ways that are important to you and also represent your temporary daily life. Fill out our brief survey below and submit a photo or scanned version of your map. The City will publish a selection of these maps submitted by members of the community, with the aim of presenting a diversity of geographies and experiences. Please provide your name and email so that we can follow up with you on any questions we have about your submission.

  2. First Name and Last Name

  3. Describe the general location of Modesto in which you live.

  4. What does this map represent for you? How does it portray your life under the shelter-in-place orders? What features of the map stand out the most?

  5. Do you give the City of Modesto permission to publish your map on the City's website and on the City's official social media accounts?*

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