Boards & Commissions

  1. Board of Building Appeals

    The Board of Building Appeals' primary responsibility is to hear appeals from any person questioning an order of the City's Chief Building Official related to building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, dangerous building or housing codes.

  2. Board of Zoning Adjustment

    The primary responsibility of the Board of Zoning Adjustment is to uphold the integrity of zoning regulations and the Modesto General Plan. The 7-member board, appointed by the City Council, makes decisions on applications for conditional use permits, variances, and hears appeals concerning decisions made by the Community and Economic Development Department and Planning Division staff.

  3. Capital Improvement Program Task Force

    Get information regarding the Capital Improvement Program Task Force.

  4. Citizens Housing & Community Development Committee

    The Citizens Housing and Community Development Committee provides overall review of the City's HUD funds.

  5. Comprehensive Fees Task Force

    Task Force that provides guidance to the Community Development Division staff regarding development fees.

  6. Culture Commission

    The Culture Commission advises on matters pertaining to art, literature, music, McHenry Museum, McHenry Mansion and other cultural activities in the city.

  7. Disabled Access Appeals Board

    The Disabled Access Appeals Board hears and rules on appeals of Chief Building Official orders based on disabled access laws; and interprets and advises staff on disabled access laws.

  8. Entertainment Commission

    The Entertainment Commission is responsible for overseeing the entertainment permit process, including dance and processing of special event requests within the City of Modesto.

  9. Golf Course Advisory Committee

  10. Housing Rehabilitation Loan Committee

    The Rehabilitation and Loan Committee develops the administrative procedures and policies for housing rehabilitation loan funds as well as the down payment assistance program, eligibility and extent of governmental and private sector commitment of funds, and makes recommendations on policy issues to the Citizens Housing and Community Development Committee.

  11. Landmark Preservation Commission

    The Landmark Preservation Commission identifies historical sites, provides information on historical preservation to the public, works to preserve historical structures, reviews changes in historical sites to maintain their historical integrity and reports its findings to the City Council.

  12. Planning Commission

    The primary responsibility of the Planning Commission is to advise the City Council on matters of land use and the General Plan.

  13. Redevelopment Successor Agency Oversight Board

    On January 24, 2012, the Modesto City Council adopted a Resolution to authorize the City of Modesto to serve as both the Successor Agency and Successor Housing Agency to the former Modesto Redevelopment Agency. State law requires the Modesto Successor Agency to create an Oversight Board, to oversee certain fiscal management of former Agency assets other than affordable housing assets, and to exercise approval authority in redevelopment project areas where this control was exercised by the former Redevelopment Agency.