Sewer & Water Service Requests

  1. Fees Schedule

    Bills are due and payable upon receipt and become delinquent at the end of each billing cycle in which they are issued.

  2. Sewer

  3. Sewer Rate Studies

  4. View Current Watering Schedule & Restrictions

    This conservation phase criteria has been set due to extended drought, and lower than average precipitation and runoff.

  5. Water Conservation

    The State Water Resource Control Board is mandating a 36% reduction in water use. The City is taking the necessary steps to meet this goal.

  6. Water Leaks

  7. Water Meters

  8. Water Quality & Pressure

    This section of Water Services includes the maintenance of well sites and water tanks throughout the regional water system.

  9. Water Rate Studies

    View the final report on review of water utility costs of service rate study.