Kansas Woodland Business Park

Modesto is using its resources to attract technology intensive business to the Kansas Woodland Technology Park, and to foster the growth of these firms with a supportive environment.


The Kansas-Woodland Business Park is situated northwest of downtown Modesto. It is bounded on the north by Woodland Avenue, on the South by Kansas Avenue, and on the web by Highway 99, and on the east by 9th Street.

Access to the site is via Woodland Avenue, Kansas Avenue and Graphics Drive, an internal public street running north-south on the west side of the property. A private road located north of the U.S. Highway 99 off-ramp provides access to some of the existing properties in the study area.

Emphasis On Technology

One of the reasons for our technological emphasis goes beyond the obvious advantages that a higher profile business park brings to the community. The site almost appears destined for this use. Rarely is undeveloped land available that is so appropriately located in close proximity to the vital components of a technology-ready park.

Specifically, within 50 feet of the property, there are several fiber optic providers, leaving all four sides of the park surrounded by high density, competitive fiber optics. Within the park itself on its northern end is a Modesto Irrigation District (MID) 49.4 MW power generating facility. The significance of this cannot be overstated, as these address specific key elements required for a true technology park:
  • Redundancy of fiber optics
  • Redundancy of carriers/competitive choice
  • Disparity of access
  • Sufficiency/Quality of power
Kansas Woodland Business Park Plan