Business Parks

In November 2000, the City Council initiated a study into future business park sites and development. The goal of this Study is to identify priorities for park development and for the future economic development of Modesto.

For the Study, the Council selected 5 sites for review and evaluation. This evaluation included topics such as: infrastructure needs, job generation potential, development costs, proximity to major transportation and funding possibilities.

Development Reports & Plans

May 1, 2001, the Council reviewed a Draft Report on the 5 business park sites. They distributed this Draft Report to the public to solicit input from property owners, developers, realtors, engineers and the citizens of Modesto. City staff incorporated public comments received into the report, and presented the Final draft at a special Community Development and Housing Committee and City Council Workshop held on September 17, 2001.

At the September 17, 2001 Workshop, the City Council approved a motion to accept the Business Park Development Program Action Plan, making the following changes:
  • Change the word 'institute' to 'encourage' in Item No. 4 under the Summary of the Action Plan.
  • Delete the MJC West Industrial Component from the original list of five sites.
For more information, contact Margaret James in the Business Development Program at 209-571-5840 or by email.