Infrastructure Financing

  1. Capital Facilities Fees (CFF)

    Capital Facilities Fees (CFF) are impact fees established to mitigate the impacts of new development as outlined in §66000 of the California Government Code. These fees may be used for the purchase, construction, expansion, rehabilitation, or acquisition of public facilities.

  2. Community Facilities Districts (CFDs)

    The City of Modesto’s Community Facilities Districts (CFDs) are created to provide a funding and reimbursement mechanism for public facilities and/or services for various Specific Plan areas.

  3. Deferral Programs

    Get information about the deferral programs within the infrastructure financing.

  4. Forms

    Learn about Infrastructure Financing Programs and access important forms.

  5. Landscape Maintenance Assessment Districts (LMADs)

    The City of Modesto's Landscape Maintenance Assessment Districts (LMADs) are created to pay for landscaping, lighting and other improvements and services in public areas.

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