Composting Rates

The City of Modesto’s Compost Facility is located at 7001 Jennings Road, Modesto, CA 95354, and is open Monday- Friday, 8AM-3:30PM. The Facility is closed weekends and holidays.  If you have questions or need more information, please contact 209-571-5144.

Product for Sale to the Public

Product Price
Clean Green Compost 0-3 yards $16.32/yd
Clean Green Compost 4-39 yards $8.55/yd
Clean Green Compost Bulk Rate 40+ yards $6.56/yd
Clean Green Compost Bulk Rate 23+ tons (Approximate weight equivalent) $11.17/ton
Co-Compost $10.75/yd
Wood Chips Bulk $2.07/ton
Wood Chips or Mulch $10.36/yd
Mo-Gro Pro (Bagged Compost) $3.11/cubic foot bag

Contact the Compost Facility at 209-571-5144 for more information on large volume or farm purchases.

NO CASH or CHECKS ACCEPTED, only credit or debit cards with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover logos. Prices do not include taxes, fees or additional surcharges.

Tipping Fees

Product Price
Chipped Wood and Almond Shells $14.50/ton
Mixed Brush and Yard Waste, Paper and Food Waste $26.94/ton
  • No sod, dirt, trash, concrete, brick, treated wood, nails and no stumps greater than 2 feet in diameter