Phase One Application and Information

The Permit Application period for Retail Dispensary Commercial Cannabis Businesses for Phase One is now closed.

There is no filing deadline for Non-Retail Commercial Cannabis Permit Applications.

Phase One - Submittal Requirements

Background Check

Prior to submitting your permit application, each applicant and any listed interested party need to apply for a Live Scan background check. To begin the process, applicants and interested parties need to read the Cannabis Permit Background Process (PDF) and complete and submit the Cannabis Permit Background Application (PDF) to Modesto Police Department at 600 10th Street.

After this application has been processed, then you will receive a Request for Live Scan Services form from Modesto Police Department. At that time, you can either schedule an appointment with Modesto Police Department to complete the Live Scan or visit other Live Scan background service providers. Visit the California Department of Justice website for a list of Live Scan service providers in Stanislaus County. 

Important: Any documentation received by Modesto Police Department in regards to the Live Scan needs to be attached to your Permit Application. 

Permit Application and Fee

Once the Cannabis Permit Background Process with Modesto Police Department and the Live Scan (fingerprinting) process has begun, you will need to fill out the appropriate application below, depending on whether you are applying for a retail cannabis business or a non-retail business. View the Commercial Cannabis Permit Application General Information (PDF) for further information.    

Submit your Permit Application

If you have met all Phase One Permit Application submittal requirements, bring your completed Phase One Permit Application, background check receipt and permit application fee payment to:

City of Modesto Planning Division
1010 Tenth Street, Suite 3100, Modesto, CA 95354.
Public hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday except Holidays.

Please also visit the Commercial Cannabis FAQ as information may have changed since your last visit.