Police - Traffic Collisions

Performance Measure

Percentage change In DUI, Injury, And Fatal Traffic Collisions.


25% Decrease.

Analysis of Performance*

Annual comparison of data.

Metric Definition*

Monthly and annual comparisons of traffic accidents versus citations and DUI arrests.


In order to have Great Safe Neighborhoods our roads and sidewalks must be safe to drive, bike and walk on. 

Impact on Performance*

Over the past year, officers have been removed from traffic and DUI enforcement due to lack of staffing. Increased staffing or other technology to assist in public education will be key to meeting our goals.


  • Analysis of Performance: Explains how data results are  displayed, anomalies, or other points that went into generating the numbers.
  • Metric Definition: Identifies what constitutes the metric and identifies combined classifications
  • Importance: Tells why the metric is important and how it is useful, or, what will it help the City accomplish or understand by knowing
  • Impact on Performance: States how this measure is an indicator of or influencer on the delivery of service?