CEDD - Resolve Tagging Private Property

Performance Measure

Resolve tagging complaints on private property within three days


80% of the time

Analysis of Performance*

This metric measures how long it takes for Code Enforcement Officers to:  (1) Inspect the property (2) Notice the owner (3) "Tag We're On it" crews to abate.  The MMC requires owners to remove tagging within 72 hours.

Metric Definition*

Tagging on private property is reported to NPU.  Due process is required except for property owners that have signed waivers and are working with the City for abatement.  


Resolution of tagging violations enhances the quality of our community, which will then be more attractive to residents, visitors and businesses.

Impact on Performance*

Medium - The Tag We're on It team provides services and deploys strategies to ensure privately owned property is free from tagging.  Reduction in tagging has a tendency to be infectious in neighborhoods. Once regulations are enforced citizens tend to show more pride in their neighborhoods.


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