Water Conservation Frequently Asked Questions


Hosing of concrete areas and buildings is prohibited. Allowable exemptions include: Health/Safety concerns and/or power washing a residence in preparation of home to be painted and only during your scheduled watering days and watering times. Only permissible with the use of a positive shutoff nozzle.

Water Leaks

Once identified, must be repaired within 24 hours.

Restaurants & Food Service Establishments

Prohibited from serving water except upon request.

Outdoor Decorative Water Fountains

No use except for maintenance purposes.

Irrigating Turf or Ornamental Landscapes

No watering during and 48 hours following measurable rain. Only permissible during allotted watering schedule days and times.

Drip Irrigation Systems

These are not exempt from the watering schedule. Must be used only on the days and times currently allowed.

Water Slides or Bounce Houses With Water Slides

Only permissible during allotted watering schedule day and time. Water must not run off into gutters or sidewalks.

Swimming Pools & Kiddie Pools

Only permissible during allotted watering schedule day and time. Water should be dumped onto grass or plants and cannot be dumped down the gutter.

Car Washing Protocol

Only permissible during allotted watering schedule day and time. The use of a positive shutoff valve on the water hose is required. It is also encouraged to use a bucket and cloth if at all possible. You must also avoid excessive water running down driveway or gutters.

No Permits Issued for Car Washes

No special permits are being issued for fundraiser type Car Washes.

Outdoor Potted Plants

It is permissible to water potted plants on non watering days. A watering can or bucket MUST be filled from inside your home. Water may NOT come from an outside hose or water source.

Private Wells

Citizens on private wells are strongly encouraged to adhere to the City of Modesto watering schedule. To report water waste such as excessive runoff from citizens with private wells within Stanislaus County, please call 209-525-6700 or 800-2-ASSIST.

All Notice of Violation disputes call 209-342-2246.